Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Month in India

In May 2006, PAWB has had contact with the following organizations in India that have shared their experience with humanitarian worker stress: Apne Aap, Students for Free Tibet, and Jagori’s Rural Expansion program.

Also in May, PAWB's Dr. Siddharth Shah continues his consultation to fellows and staff of Indicorps. Over the past 16 months, he has assisted fieldworkers with psychosocial challenges; and he advises the Ahmedabad-based staff on bolstering their work environment for emotional resiliency.


Well-wishers keep pouring in with ideas

In April 2006, PAWB has seen a 200% increase in contact with well-wishers, students and young professionals wishing to volunteer and looking for employment. PAWB is actively seeking small grants so that it can fund public health or psychology students to do brief studies to help PAWB hone in its work to appropriate clients.

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