Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Working in Mumbai with Psychosocial Resilience

We in Greenleaf Integrative Strategies are currently in the process of organizing technical assistance in Mumbai to psychosocial and mental health workers responding to the recent terror attacks. The Government of India’s National Disaster Management Authority has deemed there to be a major shortage in professionally-trained, disaster-prepared practitioners.

Greenleaf's programs include Professional Development and Continuing Education that work best in the late acute or post acute periods of mass disaster. We will play a supportive role to practitioners (therapists, spiritual care providers & health care workers) in order to enhance the sustainability of disaster response.

It is of the utmost importance that practitioners do not prematurely burnout or develop trauma themselves in the process of working in the midst of terrorized people. Supervisors and organizations can learn how to manage practitioners’ stress levels with self-care and other methodologies in order to mitigate vicarious traumatization, secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.

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